The Wagging Tale of Bliss – Reconnecting

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Can the appendage of happiness be in installments? What should one do when one feels disconnected with Life? Happiness is experienced in installments when genuine compassion is being slaughtered with deceit. What happens when the ladies meet unexpectedly?

Dian Chen moved to Vietnam to expand her business as a wedding planner. Tiya Gupta is a Veterinarian who opened a clinic in Vietnam. Gisele Gilbert, a creative jewelry designer moved to Vietnam to expand her business empire. The Entrepreneurial mind unlocks the way to Unconditional Love and Embracing Humor and a Voyage lasting a lifetime.

Having met randomly tickled the unspoken expressions that were eagerly waiting to erupt and be forgotten. The prattle of juicy gossips, the taste of relishing desserts, and the craving for turning the table around once again developed a tingly feeling to groove to essence of life and chuck out the redundant baggage.

Reconnecting with Life creates a new Chapter of a mysterious journey. Lorenz Moretti, Cleavon Rojel, and Berk Sahin bring a sack containing a joy ride where each moment is suspenseful, thrilling, and humorous that rekindles the soul to tap to the upbeat appetite of affection once again.

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