It’s been months since I have connected with everyone.

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It’s been months since I have connected with everyone. How is everyone out there? Sharing and expression from my side on feeling and accepting how people actually are. No illusion and expectations – what’s the point when YOU can bring the best for YOU. I was not born with a silver spoon neither ever pampered in my life. I have been raised with embracing facts that you will be achieving, accomplishing, and accepting how people are, especially your family members. The other day, my student asked me, “How do you love yourself, please tell me.” I did not answer her question completely but was concerned about her. My answer, ‘I died! then understood that only you can care and love yourself unconditionally. I remember at the age of 16, I had so many questions for GOD & wanted to go back home with a series of questions and wanted answers. I wanted to end my journey with my existing family and was in search of GOD that I took 10 paracetamols thinking I would meet the SOURCE and would like to start my journey with a new family who had a bigger HEART & knew how beautiful life could be and actually live it. But, instead I woke up a little dazed as if I had a long good sleep. When I woke up that day, I had understood some things deeply that that year I was asked to be a teacher and never knew some day this would be my profession I completely LOVE.

People say so many things but do very less. In many cases we expect the most from our family especially our parents. Well that should never be the case as in many cases parents wealth and earning are just their own and its completely up to them if they want to share or be caring towards their children. Don’t matter what they say to show they care because the truth is they actually don’t and they may say one thing and do the opposite. They may say they don’t have enough wealth and the next thing you know they hop on a plane to multiple places to do their stuff. Even when it comes to moral support not all families will be be there. So when they do show moral support, take it as a blessing. There are times as you want to share with family they end up talking about themselves. I suppose this is the journey for some people with existing families and of course you can change. Taking baby steps and welcoming many people out there who want to spend time with you and actually care for you. In time your parents change too, some how they are able to understand and support you in some ways. That is great when it happens. I appreciate it too. The best you can do is always send Love to them. They are the ones who need it the most because you may understand the value more than they do. Don’t lose hope in goodness.

I don’t have any kind of expectations from parents because they rarely made me feel like I could every rely on them. YOU rely on yourself with time as experience and knowledge learnt and you decide what are your dreams and work on it. You decide how you want your life to be with Love & Gratitude. Have Gratitude for lessons learnt and people who Love and care for you.  Never give up on YOURSELF. Go for a retreat, Meditate, write, talk to a friend and many more options to make you feel good. It’s not worth it for understanding and deep down seeking LIKE/LOVE/APPROVAL from people who actually live for themselves and the society. They would ask their neighbour first of how they do stuff and then bring those unrelated & irrelevant patterns to fit in their household. You manage and run your home with Love and your way NOT your neighbours way. Feel a relief to share this and as I type this tears trickling down my cheeks, ‘It’s true! And you can make your life beautiful and slowly letting go of expectations and people who really don’t respect, value, care, & understand you. New opportunities and gateways open your way bringing more LOVE & a tight HUG to your Heart. This makes it easier to LEAVE…

Happy Full Moon & Loy Krathong to everyone out there.

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