TEDx Chiang Mai Speaker 2014 & 2016 – Jon Jandai Interview for Students 2016 by Bhavna K.

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Sustainability, Life, Youth, Ethics, Happiness, Mother Nature, Simplicity & Love. Interview with TEDx Chiang Mai Speaker 2014 & 2016 – Khun Jon Jandai – Pun Pun Farm– Center for Self Reliance (You Tube link:

Jon Jandai is a Soulful and Positive Persona who shares a glimpse of Life and it’s Simplicity. This video brings Awareness to the Youth on Balance and Self-Sustaining. He has a positive Message for you! This video is for everyone who needs to understand the need to strive for Balance. It’s Creative and Educational bringing a new Perceptive and hoping to change a Perception on understanding how to be Ethical Leaders of your Life and Environment. Cheers!

Sustainability, Youth, Ethics, Love & Balance

Interview with TEDx Chiang Mai Speaker 2014 &2016, Khun Jon Jandai – Pun Pun Farm– Center for Self Reliance

By Bhavna Khemlani (Lecturer at Bangkok School of Management – Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK, February, 2016)

For anything to be complete perseverance and patience envelopes a person into an interesting phase. Two people are available at the right time but different places. With the unexpected weather change, drinking several cups of coffee only drives one into restlessness.  While with the unexpected emergency drives the other to fulfill Fatherly duties. Therefore, the question here is: Do we want to achieve what have put our efforts for? Or shall we give an excuse to an unplanned scenario and lose the opportunity? We have nothing to lose and excuses shall not conquer.

It’s not getting easy as every hour passes by as the cold is not getting any kinder. But with that constant reminder about what one is doing there at a place where one has travelled so far to accomplish and receive a positive and soulful message that needs to be told to the Youth, the day passes by pleasantly. With that thought, the pleasant wait takes place and a chat with people such as a Flight Attendant, Lawyer, Students, Farmers, and many more becomes a delight of hope. Hope, because there are people welcoming Sustainability.

To become an Ethical leader of one’s life, one must be able to comprehend the idea of Self-Sustaining, Balance, and Empathy. This is just not a mere idea but a path where every individual in any industry must be able to embrace the problem of how can we reduce waste and survive for generations when resources are limited and the birth of every product or service seems to be dominated by mechanical process and the natural way of living is diminishing.

As a result, in cases where awareness is needed an Interview like this needs to take place where anyone can benefit from the knowledge straight from the person who lives ‘Simplicity’ so passionately and does not hesitate to share his thoughts. Understanding Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Technology, and Globalization is imperative because it needs to be utilized in the right way so everyone can be facilitated well without being exploited and scrutinized.

With every product being created one must not forget or ignore the process. Many people tend to focus on the outcome and rather ignore the process. It is the process that will save the Globe.

Finally, two people meet at the right place and at the right time. The rush, restlessness, happiness, and laughter becomes the perfect warmer to a positive insight. Various topics were discussed from the weather, healing, fear, Mother Nature, business, to love, happiness and Life. His soulful persona and knowledge about sustainable living brings light to the loop hole of ignorance.

A few questions have been answered by Jon Jandai to bring an insight on how we can Balance in Life. The meet and greet with him accomplished a goal to bring a message and awareness for the Youth.  His Gratitude towards this Interview & Article encourages many more Articles in the near future. It’s is the right thing to say that, Jon Jandai is the God of Sustainable Plantations.

Questions answered by Jon Jan Jandai:

1. If you had a message for the Youth today, what would you like to say?

The youth have to ask themselves more questions.Why do we have to study so much? Why do we have to work so much? And who are we working for? Do we work for ourselves? When we work so hard why we have to eat very bad food? What is more important than our health? We eat junk food even we have studied a lot, we know a lot, and we have finished university. We have no time to be with family even when we have a lot of money. We do not work for ourselves and our family but we say we love ourselves and our family. Most of us are working harder than any slave and most of our works are digesting resources and turning resources to money. There are not many people who work to produce more resources. Do we need more money or more clean food, clean water, clean air, cool shed and good family? Why do we have to work so hard just to destroy what nourishes our lives?

2. How can we integrate Sustainability, Ethics & Love? What is your view on that?

Sustainability, Ethics & Love are one thing.  In reality we can’t separate it but in the philosophical way or thinking we can separate it. When we love ourselves we create Ethics to keep our life in the sustainable way.

When we live in the sustainable way, our life will always be full of love and joy; then Ethics just grows up by itself . The problem is that we don’t have love in our heart so we can’t see sustainability and Ethics can’t grow. School system took away love from our heart because the Capitalist hate Love. The Capitalist took over the power to design the education system. They think love is the biggest obstacle of profit making.

When our is heart full of love we always consume less because we always help each other more and share more and we feel more secure and feel enough so we don’t want to have more than what we need. This is not good for the economics. They want people to be more needy and always craving for something so they will buy more and work more to make more money.  People learn about love easily when they are younger than 10 years old and the best teacher who can teach about love is parents.  The kids will be taken away from their parents after 3 years old to the brainwash camp we call school system. The main idea is how we want to train people to be a good worker and good consumer but not human. When they grow up they don’t know what love is. They have no chance to experience it from their parents. When they talk about love they think about sex, drugs, or shopping. When people don’t have love in their heart they don’t care much about their health, their life or family so they focus on work and money. Work and Money are the first priority in most of the people’s life. It is very hard for people to think about love, ethics and sustainability because we were trained to be a good consumer.

3. What motivated you to be part of the previous TEDx Chiang Mai speaker in 2014? How did you feel?

I was not interested to be part of the previous TEDx because I didn’t know much about TEDx, but some of my friends asked me to go. I did not feel exciting at all because I had only 15 minutes to talk. It is too short for me to talk about what I am doing. I think I cannot do it good and I still feel like that.

4. How do you deal with stress? Why is Simplicity and Love important? Where can we see and feel the Balance?

I do not have a job like other people so it is hard for me to feel stressed. I have no work even when I am doing so many things but all of what I do is not work. I just play what I like to play. Nobody pays me for what I am doing so it is not work.  I make my living from farming but farming is not work for me. It is the way of my life. I have so many choices and freedom in my life.

Simplicity and Love are the main food for freedom and choices. If we make our life to be more complicated, we will always have less choices and freedom. If we have less love we will have more fear. Fear limits our choices and freedom.

We can see and feel the balance when we make ourselves to be normal. To be normal means to follow the nature and not try to be against the nature, but try to be against our emotion because the nature is always stable but our emotion is always changing .When we can get along with nature that is the balance.

5. You have met so many people from different Cultures and Ages, how has that made you a better and progressive person. 

People come from different ages and different cultures but they are not different. Everybody has fear hiding in their heart. Everybody wants love. All of us have to depend on each other. We are one part of each other. Nobody grows up from emptiness. We all grow up from work and thinking of every life that has been born on this Earth.

I don’t have anything better than others. I don’t think that I am a progressive person. I always know that I am a normal farmer.

Thanks for your work.

Jon Jandai (

Love and Light!

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