Hello everyone! How is everything?

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Hello everyone! How is everything? It’s been awhile since I posted. Feels good to share again. Many things have happened and changed – oh well, some life lessons and some letting go. What a 30 plus years of journey have passed by. A Blessing indisguise, I guess.

As for today, would share work of another inspiring writer who has come a long way and written various novels, Sukan Sethi. As quoted by him, “Inspired by Steve Jobs speech about following one’s heart, Sukan Sethi decided to review his life and follow his heart, to do the three things he was most passionate about – Writing, Gastronomy and Philanthropy.  Sukan Sethi is the Author of several books – ‘What Women Want’, ‘Destiny of Devils’, ‘The Magic Pill for Anger’ and more. He owns a small Cafe with the vision of developing it into a ‘Boutique Vegan Cafe’. In his spare time, he works as ‘God’s Postman’, spreading the Love and Light of The Lord in various ways to all – human or otherwise.” Do check out his work:

One of his books he enjoyed writing:

What Women Want: How to Make a Woman Happy

What Women Want: How to Make a Woman Happy

Check out his work: Do check out his work:

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