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Featured Poem – September 2016

Poem: Admiration
By Bhavna K.
Seeing you follow your heart
Motivates many embrace success
Universe bows down in Admiration.

Featured Poem – January 2016

Poem: Change
By Arjun Gogar (Age 13, Bangkok Prep School)
All the sights that I can see
died and destroyed from toe to feet.
weaker and weaker without power
all people do is devour, devour and DEVOUR!
The world is viewed in a bad way.
Died, destroyed and rotten away as
nature is manipulated and ignored.
Sleeping by the street snore, snore and SNORE!
We get up and fall to the ground
money closed jobs and some have drowned.
Education is the tool to build many doors
cleaned and Sweep from floors, floors and FLOORS!

 Featured Poems – December 2015

When the bucket is overflowing it’s better we share than waste the creative juice. This month will feature two Poems. One from Ob Saiyavath and the other from Brian Woo. The uniqueness of words only makes creativity connect with reality of experiences and imagination.

Ob Saiyavath’s youthful distinction towards discrimination and life clearly depicts in his poem ‘Distinction.’ He studies in the Faculty of Arts’ Chulalongkorn University. It’s great to feature the works of words that slowly integrate into the human system.

Poem: Distinction

There’s a distinction between prejudice and discrimination

Just as there’s a distinction between a senseless death and a heroic one.

People die in fruitless wars, driven by a nationalistic pride, a tragic but wasteful death.
Which is why I hold people like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown as heroes.
For they inspired change, a new movement, a round of debates on civil rights.

There’s a distinction between the pro-choice movement and the pro-life movement;
There’s a distinction between choice and genes.
There’s a distinction between being gay and lesbian.
There’s a distinction between bisexual and transgender.

But we need to destroy those distinction. Tear down those barriers
Because we don’t need them.
This is the 21st century,
Where every man, woman and child should not be discriminated against.

It doesn’t matter if its by choice or genes,
Because each and everyone of us is unique
And that’s why everybody has something to contribute to the human race.
Because this is the century of change.

All Rights Reserved
Ob Saiyavath


Creativity Rocks! This Month’s other feature is Brian Woo! A shout out to him and thanking him for sharing his poetry with us. He is from Korea, but lived all over. Currently in Bangkok, Thailand, and most recently Berkeley, California. You can visit his website: 

Poem: Coffee

I remember making coffee with you,
back in the day, when sunlight blazed
silver through slatted windowpanes
and night slept in my bathroom
like a roommate who never flushed.
The grinder eagerly accepted our offering
of a single cup of whole beans, and
flashing teeth mingled garrulously with
the crackling chatter of brown-black
flesh and the hiss of evaporation. 
Woody, lush scents coated our nostrils
with Colombian heights;
with yawning Ethiopian loam;
with Sumatran jungle crevices from which
pumas stalked us with caramel eyes.
As you pressed down and separated
the coarse from the bitter, steam rose
and condensed on the TV. An atmospheric
fog instantly coated a San Francisco street, only
to disappear just as suddenly—a facsimile of reality.
When night emerged with bloodshot eyes
to amble ‘round the city, he saw us sitting and
watching food; he sniffed at our youth, our sleepless
smiles, then bummed a cup of coffee so black
that the last sip tasted like gritty gasoline.

 Featured Poem – September 2015

Poem: Step by Step
As we open our eyes
we see the beauty around.
As we open our eyes
we see the flaws around.
As we open our eyes
we tap into Friendship.
As we open our eyes
we learn new things.
As we open our eyes
we feel the beauty inside.
As we open our eyes
we thank people around.
As we open our eyes
we are grateful for opportunities.
As we open our eyes
we learn new things.
As we open our eyes
we realize everything step by step.
As we open our eyes
we feel pain.
As we open our eyes
we also laugh.
As we open our eyes
we believe life is all about step by step.
By Bhavna K.

 Featured Poem – February 2015

Poem: Mosquitoes
We are like them, like the mosquitoes
They need blood – we need money
We will do anything to be its owner.
By Kira Pat, Grade 11

 Featured Poem – January 2015

Poem: Sweet, Sweet, Home

There’s no place like home,
Or so the old grannies say,
We kick the little garden gnome,
Mom tells us we should run and play.
Cozy sofa, yummy smells,
All come from the kitchen oven,
‘Come and eat now!’ father yells,
We ate the cakes all by a dozen!

By: Fa Taepaisitphongse Grade: 7

Featured Poems – November 2014

“I hate and I love
Why do I, you ask ?
I don’t know, but it’s happening
and it hurts”
― Catullus

New Featured Poems – May 2014

May 16th 2014

By Dhiksha Sajnani (Student from NIST International School of Thailand)

Visit her Blog:

Poem: Gas Mask

I need a Gas mask,
To survive this vacuuming flask,
Sucked in this vacuum,
Not knowing the value.
Breathing in and out,
I want to run around bout.
Running is the best solution,
But I’m stuck in this revolution.

Poem: Complete

What is a lake without water?
What is a window without glass?
Lost and hurt by words,
My heart tears in two thirds.
Wonder, why do I care?
But those moments we have shared…
I am complete without you.

Poem: Odds

As you drift away,
A curtain of clarity exposes,
And the truth unravels.
Living in my fantasy,
Depriving myself.
Because the odds are never in my favor.

New Featured Poems – March 2014

Poem: Enthralling Persona

 By Bhavna K

A man of free will
A visionary soul
Gulps down the misery of discrimination
Climbs a great hill with compassion
Breathes over hurdles
Uses time wisely
Don’t wish but go get
Don’t only dream but pursue
Money won’t create success
Freedom will
It doesn’t matter where one is from
A heart matters
Unite to create establishments
Because there is a Nelson Mandela in every true spirit

Poem: Cushion of Personal Magnetism

 By Bhavna K.

Emotional turmoil of being a victim of sexual abuse
Years passed by concealing the bruise
Failed relationships nestled her negativity
Welcoming positivity with progressivity
Successful television show rules the planet
Bringing new voices throwing away the victim blanket
Charity and justice become friends
Charismatic power unites contentment as friendly gems
No one will ever forget Oprah Winfrey for her blissful endeavor
Her love and compassion for society is forever

Poem: Tigress

By Bhavna K.

Every music piece is distinctive
Most lyrics are positive
It doesn’t matter if she kissed a girl or said you’re so gay
Lovely to create a teenage dream
Admirable to be an enthusiastic philanthropist
When she roars, fireworks engulf the sky
The charisma she shares unconditionally
Her perfume spreads the fragrance that meows
The Killer Queen fragrance refreshes the senses
Her breakdown in life lifts her yet again
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson known as Katy Perry
Marches into the symphony of music
Lending her voice in Smurfs
She dazzles into the soul of her fans

 New Featured Poem – July 2013

A poem I heard recently in Bangkok and asked the Poet if it could be shared with all of you. Do read and be inspired.

The Hidden History of Women

By M KJ Ink Writer (BANGKOK)

There is a history
between our history and pre-history
A history in which Women were kings
A history that was methodically erased by men
til it was forgotten by man
the truth was suppressed
Women oppressed
and brainwashed to believe
they were anything but
better than us
And not just not better
not even equal
and less deserving
This is what we did to them
Pulling the pedestal out from under their feet
and handing them an apron and rolling pin
It has not always been this way
That’s what you need to know
Before Buddha and Jesus and Greece and Rome
Before all the wars
that the Bronze Age bore
women were at the top of the food chain
Imagine that
Imagine it because it was real
A time
on this planet
when fathers held their daughters as high as their sons
A time when Women did not feel inferior
when they knew their character intellect and insight
were just as good if not greater than any man’s
and they were leaders
of human civilization
This needs to be known
That half of the human race
was once overthrown
In the name of fear and safety
in the face of war
women finally needed men
like never before
and for thousands of years
we both believed this was the way
it has always been
like all the bibles say
but I’m afraid that’s not the case
and it’s time we look at each other
and admit that our sisters
can be better than our brothers
because without that admission
we’ll never reach an even keel
and we’ll never live in a world
where no one has to kneel
or submit themselves
to the entitlement of another
the truth has been there all along
it’s the reality you must discover
Women were the first slaves
Think about that
And their enslavement was so profound
so psychologically sound
that by the time the chains came off
they forgot what they were capable of
what they could do
with unfettered hearts
and unrestricted minds
They forgot to ask
“If you are free yet powerless, then how free can you be?”
Doesn’t freedom inherently mean some say?
How shocking is it that women 6000 years ago
had rights that they just got back in the last century?
But our species is not insane
it is just childlike
Over the last 10 thousand years
it has behaved in much the same way
a brother and sister might
One day little brother became bigger than his big sister
guess what happened then
Might has been right for far too long
it’s time we sing a different song
a duet perhaps, instead of a sing-a-long
instead of a one man show
anything I can do….you can do better
and I can do anything better than you
let’s be honest
our chromosomes and genitalia
have little to do with anything
How much you believe in yourself
and how much you are allowed to believe in yourself
is the single most determining factor
in the greatness of any one person’s life
Anything we can do
you women can do too
maybe even better
That seems to be the one area that we excel in
that you never have
Makes you wonder why we men are so proud
Don’t you see
by making half of the human race lesser than the other
we have effectively crippled our species
and our path of progress has been
something like…
a two person row boat
with only one oar
It’s like our species suffered a stroke
that paralyzed half our body
Think about the atrocities that we have committed
upon each other
that might have never been
if there were a respected woman in the room
where those decisions were made
A respected woman
what images come to mind
when you hear those words
Thankfully times are changing
Women have nearly dug themselves
out of the cave they were stuck in
and are seeing glimmers of freedom
and the light of independent days
Continue to do that
Continue to push the limits and bounds
that are now more internal than external
just as your foremothers did
when it was the other way around
I hope as you find more strength within you
you continue to push it out into the world
and make our species stronger, better, more human
more humane
May you reclaim your voice
and rightful place in the natural order of life
Balance us
Help us steer
Help us on our haphazard way
Be our equals
our friends
our allies
But most importantly
help yourselves
Don’t depend on us
Because we have just as much
to learn and unlearn as you
We cannot help but hold you down
even if we try to help you up
Do not take our hand
until you are standing beside us
on this utmost mountain top
We all must think differently
We all must believe in each other
Our perception of the opposite sex
must be broken down
til there is more common ground
than ever before
And in the days leading up to that
if we ever do find out
that chivalry is dead
I hope you
were the ones
who killed it

 Poems By Bhavna K.


Cook mouth-smacking food to bloom the aroma of life;
Uplift, and understand the essence of your presence to upgrade your self-esteem;
Impress, inspire your charm by relishing incredible cuisines of the world;
Speak, simplify your feelings with expression feeling splendid, spectacular, and smashing;
Invite the ideal happiness waiting to create abundance in your life impeccably;
Nourish and nurture the love you have that retains the goodness you have always;
Engage, enlighten, and enchant life with the aroma of tasty meals and enterprising people;
Savor, support, and salute every moment that brings a smile to your face.
As we take every breath, there is a slight expectation to take the other.
As relationships are made in this world so is the birth of expectation.
It feels like walking up a slope then tumbling down quickly.
Some expect more and some less. But it can’t be never.
It is okay to expect a little because it’s healthy.
With this the relationship enhances,
Only if one expects very less,
Then less disappointment,

The Eyeshadow Girl

The blend of colors enlightens her day when she decides to embrace them;
She loves various colors which bring alive a girl’s eyes;
Each color depicts the triumph of beauty from within that is eager to fly;
The charisma of colors vitalizes one’s surrounding being a priceless gem.
Surveying around, she picks her Jimmy Choo;
Then she looks at her sister to Shoo;
Picking up her Chanel bag she appreciates her labor of love;
She knows that materialism and spiritualism is hard work from blessing above.


Every heartbeat is bestowed upon,
Compassion embraces a child eternally
That uplifts a child’s soul in isolation in every way.


Once blurted without caution,
It creates history enveloped in anguish
Only leaving you will bring serenity.


The ideal terminology in a dictionary,
One manifests to sustain
Then it is evaporated with despair.
I wish I could undo the misery;
I wish I could forget the scenario even though it is history;
If things were so easier said and done;
I would have accomplished all and feel wholesome;
As days went by, years went by, I begin to open ways;
I open ways and saw the everlasting flow of rays;
The mood I have, has been very well controlled;
For this I salute myself as I did not bail out;
Such a beauty life can be;
Then why my mood took years to comprehend and thought maybe?
Finally I see things differently, hoping it is not only me;
But everyone can feel inner satisfaction and peace for free;
Talk to the mood and get the act straight;
You never know, it might be too late;
This is it and I shall try to smile even when I don’t feel right;
Because this is right and will always be right.

My First Brother

Many relationships are made before or we end up choosing them;
How wonderful it is when the first person holds your hand and promises he will forever;
Biologically we are grown to learn, our siblings are our brothers;
Life teaches you that someone who offers eternal love, sincerity and is clever;
He has the full right to be your brother;
 My first brother: My father has always been there since birth;
Mother taught me to tie rakhi (a sacred and trendy thread) to him and mentioned he is your father, friend and brother;
Father is the most rightful person who possesses the gratefulness on Earth;
He is truthful, a protector, a friend, and brings life together;
I thank you for being in my life unconditionally and a big hug to you;
I respect and am grateful to all my brothers that I met you.
In The Moment
When tragic strikes the blame game starts,
It would be a miracle if one could just take a moment,
This would help in understanding there is no one to blame but oneself.
With a blink, a wave, a stretch, and a swing things change.
Let’s take a moment to live in the moment.
Work, drama, excuses, doubts only distracts one from the moment.
The pleasure to bring a smile on your face awaits in desperation,
The pleasure to make a moment be cherished awaits with style,
Then why are you permitting the taunts to take away the moment.
Genuine, passionate, and prosperous is the happiness you deserve,
Let’s sway to the dance of the wind,
Clap with the beat of the tune you hear.
Forgive, forget, and divert the cheeky mind,
Allow the blooming and budding joy fill your heart.
Live in the moment.


Generations have passed and so has the way to shuffle around;
Men can have multiple relationships and so can women;
The art of meeting various people in one’s life is sometimes ironic;
But the pleasure to many is unavoidable which can be confound;
It doesn’t matter what may be the journey even though it may feel like being chased by the demon;
This is because every experience for some is simply epic.
But for some, having to consider shuffling can be unaccepted;
There are many men and women, who would certainly prefer the real and genuine relationship;
Why does one have to be accepted if one has experience with shuffling?
Can’t the genuine relationship be appreciated with one special one rather than many special ones? When will this be fruited?
There are times when many questions and answers are exchanged regarding courtship;
The experience of dating brings and makes a relationship bloom with loads of cuddling.
As the generation is advancing, techniques to flirt have become savvy and sometimes corny;
Some people have simply lost their mind and some are bouncing back and forth with figuring out;
It is totally fine to shuffle, but it is also totally fine to choose not to and not being judged upon;
We live in a civilized society, atleast we claim to, then why all the irony;
We preach, desire, and bless our loved ones for a precious life with good values then why can’t people lookout?
It doesn’t matter what age one is, not to shuffle around with the wrong people is alright because one is not winning any coupon.
With observance, technology, society, scoops, and scandals one knows what is best for him or her following his or her heart;
It is great to receive advice and encouragement from well-wishers and loved ones;
Positive thinking and not judging oneself is an imperative ingredient to spice and escalate one’s life;
Therefore, appreciate what your heart desires and if it chooses and feels uncomfortable to shuffle around it is fine because whatever you will still meet your sweetheart;
One does not have to prove anything but contemplate that this inner battle will be won;
Harmonize, dance, smile, embrace, savor, and appreciate oneself for the perfect life because it will not happen twice.
Poetry By Other Contributors
It shouldn’t hurt to be a child
Sonia Chawla, 16 years old, Bangkok, Thailand (Feb 2013)
Ode to the forgotten children who was supposed to be loved
Ode to the children of the earth
They’ve been abused and hurt
While they couldn’t tell anyone
even if they wanted toOde to the souls of the children
Who has already left the earth
And prayers to those who’s still sufferingOde to the life of the young souls
That has been ruined
Even though they’re so innocentOde to those who have tried to help
But failed
At least you’ve tried
Life shall bring you treat 
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