Honoring Balance is always the key objective to remember.

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Honoring Balance is always the key objective to remember. We tend to get caught up with situations and sometimes our patience does not seem to support what our Soul is trying to say. Grounding yourself, and accepting the turbulence , rising above it, meditating and doing what you Love will surely help you get closer towards the goal.  Today, is a beautiful day and a day to remind ourselves of a sacred union between Lord Shiva & Parvati. A merge of Twin Flame journey and of course a learning that it may take lifetimes to actually feel so connected with someone and when you do, the inner and deep connection is passionate, yet, a test. Wishing everyone this lifetime of happiness, abundance & eternal Love. The Balance between the Ying & Yang within ourselves and our surrounding can always happen and remind yourself that ‘YOU’ always matter. Self-Love is an amazing journey that reflects in what you do externally, too. Here is to appreciating and gratitude for yet another beautiful day and relationships that have Divine purpose.

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