A shout out – Hello! It’s that day where you tell yourself

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A shout out – Hello! It’s that day where you tell yourself ‘You have come a long way and no prayers will be unanswered. Manifestation of Abundance prevails and is here to stay.’

We become the Giver and the Takers are everywhere. You give so much unconditionally and suddenly a situation/person/ anything steps back and changes a course of happy and a believable time to something very casual and insignificant. Being a human, this will surely question you in many ways and hurt you. No regrets being the Giver of friendship and love but sad that a person may not have valued and believed in her/himself to be grateful and now everything becomes a mystery. Life is a mystery anyway and sometimes you may wonder do you have to start all over or simply change the perception and belief system in the way life works. I would say, even when you feel like your drowning, never lose hope. The magical mystery of gratefulness and happiness is probably lifting us to a better and fruitful place. Love and Light.

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