I have to share this, vent out and of course clear my Throat & Heart Chakra!

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I have to share this, vent out and of course clear my Throat & Heart Chakra! This will be long. Phew! After numerous incidents over the years with me and having my students share their concerns and worries about their life, this has to be finally written. I don’t care what Culture and Age you are. Being kind and having gratitude is Universal! Love is for all!!! What better way to write this and if anyone wants to share this, I don’t mind. I have a voice and I will certainly write to bring light to situations. I was motivated to share this as some students, people and young girls and the growing of wiser boys would need this. They could not, so I will. This kind of unwanted situation has motivated me to write a new BOOK – Guidelines, Good News, and Gratitude. Hopefully 2017 this book can be completed with true stories of people who have survived and are happy to be alive and have inner peace and are content.

Please remind yourself that your life is a gift! You can DIE and be born again. I feel I am born and learning every day. During the Weekend on Sunday evening while I was buying Salad, Lemongrass and Butterfly Pea drink one of these Aunties tapped my back and said, “Hi Bhavna! I answer: Hi Aunty and there she continues: Where is Mom? My answer: She is in China, then I am interrupted by another question: When is the GOOD NEWS! Blah Blah…I obviously have no answer for silly questions and don’t accommodate to any because every day is GOOD NEWS! Mentors, Teachers, and many people whose work reflects bringing change are no less than a Father or Mother – Metaphorically. Each one of us have sleepless nights and worry to bring out the best in someone. Otherwise why do it. It’s very easy to be inquisitive and use your Energy in the wrong place and tell people how they should breathe and/or live their life.Sigh!

For Heaven sake: Go Meditate, Travel, Do Reiki, Go Salsa, Go Dance, Sing, Yoga, Learn NLP, Write or do anything creative to subside the anguish and congestion you have – Enlighten yourself and GO LIVE. You truly deserve it. Don’t portray and judge others. Live and Let Live. I can’t even count how many children or adults I have ever taught. Over thousands! Their worries, success, and love has certainly made me learn about many things and accelerated the desire to always follow my path. Stop all these limitations! Because you don’t feel the inner peace you project annoyance from the outside. You need help! Love yourself and allow others around you to shine their path with Creativity. Why does it bother you so much if I am living my SANE life and not in your way! There has been many great work and collaborations that people may have never even dreamed of doing or can do. The Youth are learning and growing whilst some are stuck and not embracing a CHANGE!

Your existence to shining your inner light and good work is Good news! Some elderly have not changed at all – 20 years ago they were the same and now they are too. They don’t think and speak, especially when you’re in your personal space – content and buying groceries. LOL! Stop scrutinizing a beautiful relationship a man or woman can have some day – things take place in the diving timing, have you ever seen an Academically Challenged person grow and feel empowered – that’s good news, stop developing fear in the youth that they don’t know how to be their true selves because of Religion or your silly expectations, stop manipulation with yourself projection, opinions, and self created drama and parade with your opinions when its not needed. There is NEVER only one GOOD NEWS – Marriage! Good news is HOPE, LOVE, COMPASSION, EMPATHY, POSITIVE THINKING AND SURVIVING. Good news is understanding dimension of elevation, having Cancer and fighting it, having being married for over 10 years then ending up being a single mom, good news is when a couple separates so they can make ends meet, good news is when you work so hard for something and nothing happens in the way you deserve or think and fall out that you have to start all over with a new IDEA, good news is when a child or student tells you how much he or she loves you, good news is when we have light workers -healers beside you, good news is the spread of people like a Family who appreciate you, have gratitude and care for you, good news is when a stranger has unconditional love for you, good news is when you’re able to make a difference in people’s life, good news is when you have dedicated most of your time to a progressive humanity, good news is when you can laugh, forgive, and forget, and good news is meeting the real you and being content with YOU with love. The good news is the ability to love, care and sustain without judgement. Good news is when a person’s parents have passed away and has the ability to live following his or her dreams, good news is when a person is being adopted and learning to make the world a better place.

We only don’t have have ONE GOOD NEWS! Good news is being ALIVE so you can respect, have gratitude and have a life learning lesson to Blossom and meet new people, whilst sustaining the old and letting go of negative minded and trouble makers with compassion.

GOOD NEWS is we can feel HOPE with our Humanity as people have their own journey and lessons. These are issues of people who have come across that they need to be shared for their thrive, focus, and shining again. When you meet people after a long time – learn to greet them properly with compassion or empathy or simply keep silent. Inspiring Masters, Scholars, Healers/Light workers, Philosophers, and many aspiring people address and are constantly working on Compassion and Self-worth. If you cannot say something nice to someone – just walk away. Love and Light to you! 🙂 

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