Greetings to the charming world!

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Greetings to the charming world! I hope all of you are coping with the energy shift. I have been having a battle with it and trying to move ahead getting the important things done. Our Earth needs so much of attention and many seem to take pleasure in ignorance. The gravity has been so compassionate to us to hold us and embrace us with necessary resources that we can take pleasure of. Yet, many seek path to violence, ego, ignorance, unrealistic power, revenge, and what not. I am speechless and still contemplating the fact that even when you try and truly from your heart serve with gratitude, from many you receive negative responses and emotions. Having the least or no expectations helps you move forward. And when you finally muster up all the courage to let go, they become Energy Suckers and something keeps happening to get you back in their drama and game.

Well, I am also learning the hard way, and surely had the pleasure to let go of many things and people. I feel detached and compassionate not only for them but for our humanity. The news on Refugees has simply questioned the honor and slight empowerment that many have and have still become outrageous and forgotten that we are all humans. The Earth gives place to stay it’s not the other way around!!!

Please, Please, Please, share love and respect with yourself, family, friends, and strangers and remember being good brings abundance not being selfish, stingy, and always picking a fight or being rude to the people who are actually always there for you may not always be there. It does not matter who you are. Respect goes both ways, and LOVE sees no age. You just LOVE. So be grateful and if you CANNOT, leave the person alone and allow him or her to prosper with abundance and at least bless him or her.

May UNIVERSE poke that ray of light into your system so you know what you have been up to and how you can progress and help others progress too. Love and Light. 🙂 Prayers for all the Refugees, Ecosystem and our human race.

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