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What’s up world! The whole point of having this website is to connect and networking to the soul. Writing is just not an expression but a way of letting go and sharing. Sometimes, certain emotions are accumulated and the best way to let go of the inner chills is writing. How have each one of you been?

Reiki – Energetic Healing Practice is going pleasant and so much to learn about life and its perks. With the Changes of Planets and having the Energies creating an unnecessary emotional chaos, it’s the acceptance and wondering – where this is going. For the past few days, I have been wondering…where am I going? Each day I am taking a step forward for sure, but seriously where is this going? Many things easier said than done. And some things easier done than simply doing the airy talks. Balance and not fighting or having this inner battle with yourself will be the key words now. Hold on to positive thoughts and know that everything is happening for a reason. We may not know initially, but the UNIVERSE does. How easy to say, right? Have FAITH 😉

I have been lighting a candle, writing, developing assignments, and meditating to keep mindful. Mindfulness is helping, only when the shadow self likes to make a presence trying to jeopardize what has been long worked for. Have a great weekend and remember changes are good because it brings us forward to more magic moments.

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