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This is like amazingly about two months since I initiated to share anything. By the way, hello everyone!!! Well, looks like Earth caught me up into a well of materialistic responsibilities. I miss writing, miss every bit of it and have not stop writing. I do find time to weave the pattern of creativity. It doesn’t matter what genre I am writing but the fact that the flow is simply nudging my entire system makes me feel therapeutic. The best outcome of this is, there is no silence and burden of unexpressed feelings and words. I am drawn into the stream of a psyche journey where a simple handshake can bring about a sensation of strong connection with someone. Has they every happened to you? I am sure I am not crazy, LOL.

It does not happen to everyone I shake hands with, but just with someone who may share a strong bond with me, without me ever knowing that person. A few months ago, I encountered that and since then the unexpressed wisdom, connection, soul connection, and/or what universal journey I have to accomplish has been a mystery I am learning everyday. It simply feels like I may have known this person an entire lifetime. Sometimes, what I sense or sensed just comes before me like a reconfirmation. I tend to brush it away and let go to understand the value of detachment, however, when the soul connection is so strong, you seem to want more and live each day more with the understanding of this divine relationship that may not have any specific name. Whatever, it is, it is genuine, compassion, and I do love every bit of it. I wish and manifest to the Universe to bring close ties closer and weave the pattern of progress in the direction of passion, love, abundance, and kindness which can only make people’s life better and bring inner peace.

For now, I am still and will still understand this new mystery that has awakened a new journey of friendship. Love and Light everyone. Enjoy being you and don’t fear of being no one else but YOU.

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