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Hello world! Every time when one decides to take a step forward, something would happen to test one’s patience. Well, those are the perks of life and a big test. I am sure it happens to many people including me. I tend to take a pause because I am stopped and all these questions surface to question my ability to move forward and eventually I do move forward. It can be hard and various aspects can create hurdles but the hurdles are only messing with your mind and when you see and feel that light shining through a tiny tunnel you can follow your heart. What a roller coaster ride!

I developed this website so I could bring life to words that are floating around and perhaps the glory of words could help anyone reading this. If you want to share, why wait. SHARE IT! You have now and thinking a million times can just block or blur your creativity. Being an educator can be a challenge and furthering your education be a biggest challenge when you have financial problems. It’s not only me but many out there. Well, I have been telling myself, in time everything will sort out because there is abundance and that abundance is waiting for you. Remind yourself what a long way you have come and its been a crazy and fun ride and rise to better things.

I am glad I could spend some time sharing something with you and hope to do it soon. Smile and Wink to obstacles. Abundance and love is just around and inside you.

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