Time is rolling

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Time is rolling, LOL! Obviously, we are rolling too…been a while since I shared something and greeting everyone out there. Hope all is well at your end and sending you healing energy to let you know that eventually everything will be fine. IT WILL BE! I have been experiencing fluctuating emotions that I can’t comprehend about that energy shifts and energy from people around can be a challenge as well as a learning experience. Being a Reiki practitioner is quite an amazing adventure.

Recently, my new article ‘The Uncaged Moments’ was published on Imantra – online magazine. It is about living life feeling liberated and overcoming and emotional turmoil. It’s a positive and inspiring article and hoping you would like it, which in turn which may help you achieving your dreams and living life passionately. Love and Light!

The link to the magazine is –  (pages: 36-41)

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