Hello everyone! Hope all is well.

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Hello everyone! Hope all is well. I would like to express condolence for the lost lives happening around. This is quite sad 🙁 and simply leaves you to wonder about people’s thoughts and actions. Prayers. Love and Light.

On the other hand, I was notified by a friend (poet) that I received second place for a poetry contest in Poetry Soup. I was surprised and it was a great news. The least expected and quite encouraging.

Challenge Title ‘Words – The Heart of Imagination?’
Contest Judged:  11/14/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Brian Johnston
Contest Winner Medal 2 My Heart Bhavna khemlani

My Heart

I took a nap ignoring the silent whispers,
The whispers woke me up from the 
continuous bickering,
How easy it was to lie and pretend taking a nap,
With every lie my nose got longer and my heart 
felt heavy,
I was told I am Pinocchio and if I lie I will have
a longer nose,
I was lying to myself and looked away from how it 
felt to only love,
To only love and love where the feelings 
felt beautiful,
Not expecting anything but just that love for you 
which slithers through my entire system,
When I accepted that I can’t stop loving you,
I awoke with a perfect nose and my heart 
was still heavy,
But this time it’s heavy with unconditional love,
Let love lose and stop suppressing it said my heart…
Who wants a long nose!

Happy Holidays!

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