Can’t believe how time flies!

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Can’t believe how time flies! Completed the 21 days of free meditation challenge of Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. Feels quite good and how thoughts ponder around. It all made me wonder about my life and a critical reflective thinking was put into it. Well, I am no superwoman nor a made of stone. So, there are times how people simply speak without thinking and how they can take nice people for granted. I have just had enough! It’s time to roll over and of course the gratitude to all the good things and how great people have crossed path in my life that makes it worth memories. So many little things happen that certainly becomes an eye opener to how one can see life and simply live wholeheartedly and embrace dreams rather than spend most of his or her time bickering and having my energy drained. Hence, it’s not worth it! Breathe and things do get around. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful to every little thing that brings a smile to your face rather than those expectations from people who don’t understand how to be grateful. It’s your life that you can flourish and for all who knows, the positive vibes you share brings abundance. Cheers and surely you can be jolly!

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