Welcome to the month of November

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Welcome to the month of November! Happy Sunday everyone. I was missing my website and glad to be back to share something. The weather in Bangkok has been interesting with raining and the breezy Sunday has gotten me nostalgic with various notions. So, it was a great time to write an article and a poem. Writing is a great medium channeling creativity and it feels soothing. We have become slaves of wishes and it’s a whole loads of work to start letting things go step by step. The feeling of letting go eventually feels lighter and yet the residues of hope stay there. Again for another wish to have a dream come true.

The whole point is use the energy at right places to let the right things take place. For many things we hope for may not manifest at this point because it’s not the right time yet and/or something better is stored up. Have a happy weekend, whilst I gear up to complete my article for an online magazine. Cheers and Blessings.

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