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How’s everyone doing! Nearing the end of the month and seems like with a wink more than half the year came and left. People came and left, new teaching semesters paraded and left, and there was an emotional ride with writing. Where do I start? Hmm…firstly, thank you for your encouraging comments and for those who asked, how do I set my mind to write. Well here it is – There is no one best way. I feel this flow of energy and because I am a dreamer, emotional, and something more, it just happens. Sometimes, I meditate (that really helps), I stroll down my balcony back and forth looking at the sky, stars, moon, or at times the cloudy sky (my family thinks it is quite funny, mostly, and the breeze just puts everything into place), join a writing group or a book club, and as a Reiki practitioner, I keep myself grounded. Sometimes, I just take a break and become more observant loving the nature and natural moments of people which also enhances the writing flow. There are other ways to get the writing flow, which I may share later, next month. I feel all this is just like a miracle and  writing has been a passionate ride. Hope that help’s for those who asked me how to bring focus.

On the other hand, since this year has started, I have read quite a few books, besides academics some of which I did read are, Persepolis (read it again), The Shadow of the Wind, The Angel’s Game, Crucible, and Fifty Shades of Grey (Yes, I read it, lol) etc. Reading is good. It takes one into another world.

Anyway, I shall take a pause now, and have a cup of warm water with honey and mint leaves. I need another stroll in the balcony to showcase another breezy late evening for I am missing someone dearly. The stroll will evoke another writing piece. Thank you for the wishes and support. Love and Light.

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