Hola! Today is about honoring oneself

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Hola! Today is about honoring oneself. I do forget at times that I have come this far and I still have my journey to complete. Who says, living a life of a human is easy. I am constantly reminding myself about the goodness, dreams, loving relationships, soul journey, soul mates, twin flames, people come and go and at times I break down too. After all, I am just a human with a heart. So far, it’s been an interesting journey and I am grateful for it.

People tend to shut down and eventually feel there is no point in saying anything. The truth is, shutting down only bridges a larger gap between a person and living positively. Something that doesn’t serve purpose is always better to let go and cutting cords of attachment of people who are only harming one’s journey from pursuing one’s dreams and creating a distraction from elevating  oneself is not a humble thing one can do to honor oneself. Some people would not get what he/she is trying to say and then he/she comes a long way living in misery. The question is ‘WHY!’ Sending love and light to everyone and embracing inner peace is always a goal to nurture one’s soul. It’s imperative to do so. Gratitude and sharing feelings is a brave and generous thing to do. However, there are times when one doesn’t owe anyone any sort of explanation because in many cases one doesn’t need to do so. There are many nice people out there and who care and respect other people’s feelings.

The utmost importance is first ‘Honor your feelings with love and light.’

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