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What’s up world! Been a while since I did share anything in the blog. Well, I believe I was in my cocoon manifesting the beauty of life and dealing with situations that could sometimes drain your energy. More like, suddenly, you get calls from people whom you thought don’t exist and only call to whine and moan. I am practicing to BURP on situations like that so I don’t have to waste precious energy on people who are not willing to change and/or are just breathing the positive energy flow that you share. Being human isn’t easy and once your up there, there would be times that people would try to pull you down.  Balance is the key and I know Angels are looking after all of us. I sense the good vibes and appreciate all the good times.

Feels nice to share and get back to the blog. Hoping you guys are doing well and always remember to chuck out people who don’t matter. You’re on your path for a reason and the best is right in the corner. Love and light. 😉

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