Happy Full Moon and think positive

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Hello everyone 🙂

After all the zzzzzz, nagging, curiosity, questions from writers and students…blah blah…yes I got that stuff now – Instagram (storiesbybhavk) – it’s like an adventurous maze – social media# cool stuff and loads of hashtags

The existence of human life teaches us the essential relationship of cords. Whether it comes from watching supernatural television series, or from people we meet or met before. Some cords are better to let go as they serve no purpose and some are to elevate our physical being for a life time positively. It feels as if an electric current flowing into your system gathering and escalating one to a higher level along with it bringing a dose of emotional detoxification. Sometimes also bringing questions of mysterious pathways and soulful memories that can never be forgotten and the soul is waiting for more.


Happy Full Moon and think positive 🙂

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