Hello Everyone! While watching the Helicopter Land

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Hello Everyone! While watching the Helicopter Land…remembered a conversation between a 10 year old and I yesterday. Am quite speechless yet feel blessed and of course giggling away.

10 year old: Miss Bhavna can I have your DNA?
Me: That’s a big word.
10 year old: I am a big boy now.
Me: Indeed
10 year old: What’s that?
Me: You’re right…you’re a big boy now. Why do you want my DNA?
10 year old: Mutation
Me: What? That’s another big word…Fine you know big words
10 year old: Yes. I do. So, I want to make a clone of you
Me: Clone of me…Um…Hmm…One of me is enough for this world to handle. The Universe has a lot to do already.
10 year old: Why? What does the universe have to do? The universe does less for about you. I still want the DNA…
Me: Okay! Why do you want to do it? Am curious
10 year old: You always teach and leave. I want you to be with me always and never leave.
Me: LOL. I need to sleep, and I need a break! I feel like a you like me that much..
10 year old: You can do that here..and yes I do
Me: Hmm…You’re so cute.
10 year old: I know…But still…how do I get the DNA?
Me: LOL…

Have a good week people in the Universe 🙂

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