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Whats up people!  How is the heat treating you? Recently, I watched a Bollywood movie in the theatre after a long time: 2 States, Screenplay by Chetan Bhagat – Author. It was a nice movie where every person from various cultures should watch it. Cultural norms and too many rules are only created by people and after all love conquers its way to a person’s heart. Being aware of barriers and stubborn thoughts, a great message of marrying a person from a different cast is being depicted. Even though, the movie had its melodrama and dance moves, 2 States still takes a part of you. The grip through dialogues, music and feeling connected with compassion and humor is superb. Then to my notice, I remembered having met Chetan Bhagat about a year or two years ago in Bangkok. It was a pleasure to meet an inspiring author who surely has stories that could be made into a good Bollywood movie sending a good message to people around. I should now read the book – 2 States: The Story of My Marriage.

On the other hand, today I feel blessed, yet gloomy. Some people come to your life and then got to leave leaving a special memory in your life. Why can’t the people stay or let’s say, they were meant to come and leave a beautiful memory. It’s a mixed feeling and of course beyond your reach to express your thoughts that touch their soul. However, even without expressing, there is a soulful connection. Life and its connections. May the transmission of empathy, and passion touch the other’s mind, body, and soul.

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