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  •  Your stories inspire not a few but millions whose messages send out that by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, one can change the outer aspects of their lives.

Rachana Sachasiri, Marketing Teacher (Assumption University), Bangkok, Thailand

  • Being a younger sibling of Bhavna, I simply hate reading.  However, whenever I read her stories/articles it makes me go to this illusionary world making things all fresh and bright.  It makes me want to read more and more. Keep it up and make me proud 🙂

Milan Khemlani, (Fashion Marketer, Bangkok, Thailand)

  • Heartfelt writing that’s magnificently simplified. Multi colored mind flowers that are suitable for anyone’s garden.

Lovleen Walia, Actor and Presenter, Singapore

  •  Bhavna spins an inspiring touch to the stories with utterly strong emotions that could be felt right through the bones. Absolutely delight to dive into with a fresh outlook of life.

Tina Kishnani, English/Math Teacher, Spain

  •  Bhavna’s writing is down to earth, simple and youthful. A refreshing perspective on issues we can all relate to.

Sharina Mutreja, Assistant Marketing Manager, London, UK

  •  Bhavna has a refreshing way of capturing and expressing human emotions that puts her readers at the heart of the experience, as if they were going through it themselves.

Alisa Sethi,   Businesswoman/Freelance Counselor, Bangkok, Thailand

  •  Bhavna has her own unique signature style of writing, the use of words, her ideas and examples put together in such a way which makes the reader feel like the article is talking to them. She has warmth, clear flow in her writing and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more from her in the near future. She’s a joyful, caring lady and yet a risk taker which is obvious in her writing.

Sonam Shyam Dinani, Teacher/Professional Artist – Bangkok, Thailand

  •  Bhavna’s writing is insightful and thought-provoking, and she expresses herself with graceful eloquence that is easy to relate to and enjoyable to read. She has a unique and interesting perspective on life.

Rasee Govindani, Birth Doula, Thailand & USA

  •  A truly sensational writing that can inspire people to take a look at things in a broader perspective. As a person who sees lives differently and things uniquely, Bhavna has done a marvelous job and this book will surely keep you captivated. As an author, she will surely be recognized for her originality, versatility and a woman who is an upholder for a rich oral tradition of story- telling.

Nimarta Sachdev (Financial Analyst), Bangkok, Thailand

  • In reply to your article – The Flying Rocket (Masala Magazine in Bangkok, Thailand) 2010

In her article – The Flying Rocket, Bhavna Khemlani beautifully reflects upon how the young Indian woman of the  21st century is more empowered than ever before. She knows how to strike a balance between being professional at work, enjoying a high-end lifestyle comprising of the latest technology and also meet the demands of a social life; all this with keeping in mind the desi tarka…Indian beliefs and values intact.

Meinaa Sridharan, Educator – Harrow International School, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Bhavna’s approach to writing reflects on her sensitive and caring personality, which she portrays through the description of her characters and themes.

Kittima Sethi, Freelance writer, translator, Bangkok Thailand


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