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3rd November 2017

It’s been months since I have connected with everyone. How is everyone out there? Sharing and expression from my side on feeling and accepting how people actually are. No illusion and expectations – what’s the point when YOU can bring the best for YOU. I was not born with a silver spoon neither ever pampered in my life. I have been raised with embracing facts that you will be achieving, accomplishing, and accepting how people are, ...

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About Bhavna K.

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Bhavna Khemlani is a Teacher/ Dissertation Consultant/Author/Reiki Master Practitioner

She is a member of the Bangkok Women’s Writing Group and the Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Association. She is also on the Advisory Board of Whatabook Publishing House (WAB) Kolkata, India. Her work has been published in various sources. She is a passionate author of short ...

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  •  Your stories inspire not a few but millions whose messages send out that by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, one can change the outer aspects of their lives.

Rachana Sachasiri, Marketing Teacher (Assumption University), Bangkok, Thailand

  • Being a younger sibling of Bhavna, I simply hate reading.  However, whenever I read her stories/articles it makes me go to this illusionary world making things all fresh and bright.  It makes me want to read more and more. Keep ...
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