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1. The Classroom: Ashley & Her Mystical Tale 

Two worlds—life and death— Ashley, once a curator becomes a teacher due to an unexpected scenario and leaves Hawaii to take up her first job as a teacher set in a village in Tanzania. In her search for understanding, she grapples with life’s big questions. Can there be life after death? Can the dead return to quench the thirst of desire? Bewildered but keen for comprehension, Ashley embarks ...

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Bhavz Blog!

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3rd November 2017

It’s been months since I have connected with everyone. How is everyone out there? Sharing and expression from my side on feeling and accepting how people actually are. No illusion and expectations – what’s the point when YOU can bring the best for YOU. I was not born with a silver spoon neither ever pampered in my life. I have been raised with embracing facts that you will be achieving, accomplishing, and accepting how people are, ...

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TEDx Chiang Mai Speaker 2014 & 2016 – Jon Jandai Interview for Students 2016 by Bhavna K.

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Don’t miss it!

Sustainability, Life, Youth, Ethics, Happiness, Mother Nature, Simplicity & Love. Interview with TEDx Chiang Mai Speaker 2014 & 2016 – Khun Jon Jandai – Pun Pun Farm– Center for Self Reliance (You Tube link:

Jon Jandai is a Soulful and Positive Persona who shares a glimpse of Life and it’s Simplicity. This video brings Awareness to the Youth on Balance and Self-Sustaining. He has a positive Message for you! This video is for everyone who needs to understand the ...

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Reiki Rainbow Energetic Healing

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Reiki Rainbow Energetic Healing – Follow your Heart

In the midst of having so many things to do, finding time for yourself can be a challenge for many. Balancing between the work requirements and what you love is significant before things go out of balance. Understanding the totality of existence – Ying/Yang, Light/Dark is imperative. Reiki Energetic Healing is one of the approaches one can find balance, clear energy to flow and feel relaxed bringing ...

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Featured Poem – September 2016

Poem: Admiration
By Bhavna K.
Seeing you follow your heart
Motivates many embrace success
Universe bows down in Admiration.

Featured Poem – January 2016

Poem: Change
By Arjun Gogar (Age 13, Bangkok Prep School)
All the sights that I can see
died and destroyed from toe to feet.
weaker and weaker without power
all people do is devour, devour and DEVOUR!
The ...
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