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Sustainability, Youth, Ethics, Love & Balance

Interview with TEDx Chiang Mai Speaker 2014 & 2016, Khun Jon Jandai – Pun Pun Farm– Center for Self Reliance

By Bhavna Khemlani (Lecturer at Bangkok School of Management – Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK, February, 2016)

For anything to be complete perseverance and patience envelopes a person into an interesting phase. Two people are available at the right time but different places. With the unexpected weather change, drinking several cups of coffee only drives one into restlessness.  While with the unexpected emergency drives the other to fulfill Fatherly duties. Therefore, the question here is: Do we want to achieve what have put our efforts for? Or shall we give an excuse to an unplanned scenario and lose the opportunity? We have nothing to lose and excuses shall not conquer.

It’s not getting easy as every hour passes by as the cold is not getting any kinder. But with that constant reminder about what one is doing there at a place where one has travelled so far to accomplish and receive a positive and soulful message that needs to be told to the Youth, the day passes by pleasantly. With that thought, the pleasant wait takes place and a chat with people such as a Flight Attendant, Lawyer, Students, Farmers, and many more becomes a delight of hope. Hope, because there are people welcoming Sustainability.

To become an Ethical leader of one’s life, one must be able to comprehend the idea of Self-Sustaining, Balance, and Empathy. This is just not a mere idea but a path where every individual in any industry must be able to embrace the problem of how can we reduce waste and survive for generations when resources are limited and the birth of every product or service seems to be dominated by mechanical process and the natural way of living is diminishing.

As a result, in cases where awareness is needed an Interview like this needs to take place where anyone can benefit from the knowledge straight from the person who lives ‘Simplicity’ so passionately and does not hesitate to share his thoughts. Understanding Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Technology, and Globalization is imperative because it needs to be utilized in the right way so everyone can be facilitated well without being exploited and scrutinized.

With every product being created one must not forget or ignore the process. Many people tend to focus on the outcome and rather ignore the process. It is the process that will save the Globe.

Finally, two people meet at the right place and at the right time. The rush, restlessness, happiness, and laughter becomes the perfect warmer to a positive insight. Various topics were discussed from the weather, healing, fear, Mother Nature, business, to love, happiness and Life. His soulful persona and knowledge about sustainable living brings light to the loop hole of ignorance.

A few questions have been answered by Jon Jandai to bring an insight on how we can Balance in Life. The meet and greet with him accomplished a goal to bring a message and awareness for the Youth.  His Gratitude towards this Interview & Article encourages many more Articles in the near future. It’s is the right thing to say that, Jon Jandai is the God of Sustainable Plantations.

Questions answered by Jon Jan Jandai:

1. If you had a message for the Youth today, what would you like to say?

The youth have to ask themselves more questions.Why do we have to study so much? Why do we have to work so much? And who are we working for? Do we work for ourselves? When we work so hard why we have to eat very bad food? What is more important than our health? We eat junk food even we have studied a lot, we know a lot, and we have finished university. We have no time to be with family even when we have a lot of money. We do not work for ourselves and our family but we say we love ourselves and our family. Most of us are working harder than any slave and most of our works are digesting resources and turning resources to money. There are not many people who work to produce more resources. Do we need more money or more clean food, clean water, clean air, cool shed and good family? Why do we have to work so hard just to destroy what nourishes our lives?

2. How can we integrate Sustainability, Ethics & Love? What is your view on that?

Sustainability, Ethics & Love are one thing.  In reality we can’t separate it but in the philosophical way or thinking we can separate it. When we love ourselves we create Ethics to keep our life in the sustainable way.

When we live in the sustainable way, our life will always be full of love and joy; then Ethics just grows up by itself . The problem is that we don’t have love in our heart so we can’t see sustainability and Ethics can’t grow. School system took away love from our heart because the Capitalist hate Love. The Capitalist took over the power to design the education system. They think love is the biggest obstacle of profit making.

When our is heart full of love we always consume less because we always help each other more and share more and we feel more secure and feel enough so we don’t want to have more than what we need. This is not good for the economics. They want people to be more needy and always craving for something so they will buy more and work more to make more money.  People learn about love easily when they are younger than 10 years old and the best teacher who can teach about love is parents.  The kids will be taken away from their parents after 3 years old to the brainwash camp we call school system. The main idea is how we want to train people to be a good worker and good consumer but not human. When they grow up they don’t know what love is. They have no chance to experience it from their parents. When they talk about love they think about sex, drugs, or shopping. When people don’t have love in their heart they don’t care much about their health, their life or family so they focus on work and money. Work and Money are the first priority in most of the people’s life. It is very hard for people to think about love, ethics and sustainability because we were trained to be a good consumer.

3. What motivated you to be part of the previous TEDx Chiang Mai speaker in 2014? How did you feel?

I was not interested to be part of the previous TEDx because I didn’t know much about TEDx, but some of my friends asked me to go. I did not feel exciting at all because I had only 15 minutes to talk. It is too short for me to talk about what I am doing. I think I cannot do it good and I still feel like that.

4. How do you deal with stress? Why is Simplicity and Love important? Where can we see and feel the Balance?

I do not have a job like other people so it is hard for me to feel stressed. I have no work even when I am doing so many things but all of what I do is not work. I just play what I like to play. Nobody pays me for what I am doing so it is not work.  I make my living from farming but farming is not work for me. It is the way of my life. I have so many choices and freedom in my life.

Simplicity and Love are the main food for freedom and choices. If we make our life to be more complicated, we will always have less choices and freedom. If we have less love we will have more fear. Fear limits our choices and freedom.

We can see and feel the balance when we make ourselves to be normal. To be normal means to follow the nature and not try to be against the nature, but try to be against our emotion because the nature is always stable but our emotion is always changing .When we can get along with nature that is the balance.

5. You have met so many people from different Cultures and Ages, how has that made you a better and progressive person. 

People come from different ages and different cultures but they are not different. Everybody has fear hiding in their heart. Everybody wants love. All of us have to depend on each other. We are one part of each other. Nobody grows up from emptiness. We all grow up from work and thinking of every life that has been born on this Earth.

I don’t have anything better than others. I don’t think that I am a progressive person. I always know that I am a normal farmer.

Thanks for your work.

Jon Jandai (

Creative writing work

Academic Writing

1. A Very Important Person to me

by Kinkid Mok 莫宇堅 – MICE Project Director

When I saw this topic, many persons came into my mind. They include my parents, my relatives, my teachers, my friends (certainly include my ex-girlfriends), my idols and the great people who I knew. But these are too naive to this article, I am not a pupil. After selecting over and over again, I still cannot make up my mind. Suddenly a person appeared. The very important person to me, the answer is Me.

I was born in Mainland China at the 80’s last century, at that time the Mainland China just begun the “Reform and Opening.” Effect of the China’s Tradition and the Communist Ideology were educated in a way that we must obey. We had to obey our parents at home and we have to obey the China’s Communist Party’s leading at anywhere. “You have to be a good boy.” What is the good? The main mind is, “You cannot get much personal ideology or opinion.”

Many classmates and friends are following this route in their life. At school obey the teachers, get the high score is their only target, got the knowledge only from the textbooks.  At home, they followed their parents’ mind, “Study hard, find a job in a big company after graduation, and then work hard for buy a house and a car, marry before 28 years old, and then get a baby before 30 years old”. At office, obey your leaders, do anything what they want you to do, although you do not want to do. Your life will be perfect like this.  They never learn an important thing “Object.” Although they have many good ideas but almost most of it is hid in their mind.

When I was a child, my life was similar. My image for the people is a standard good boy, except a little naughty and achievement was not very good. But after I went to college, the first time I found the other “Me”. I was a member of a council in the College Football Association. Once, the Vice-Chancellor led a boy to me, asked me to select him into the college football team. That was an order because he is a government officer’s son. But at that time I just said I can give him a chance to train with the team, if his skill reaches our requirements, I will let him to join. Certainly at last, he lost. After that, the Vice-Chancellor ordered me to his office and ordered me again. But I shared my opinion, I must be fair to the other boys. As the result, I lost my position in the association, but I got homage from my alumnus as well as my class teacher.

Afterward, I went into the society to work. I will let anybody know my opinion, my idea, whether right or wrong. Until now, I always encourage my staff to share their mind for discussion. If their idea really helps to improve our job, I will accept. Moreover, I ask them say “No” to me if they sensate I am wrong. Certainly, they must give the reasons to convince me. I often tell them: “This is not my team, this is our team.”

Thanks to the other me that changed my life and allowed to me walk in a different way, getting different experiences and a different world. I am proud of myself.

By Mo Yu Jian (Kin)

M.I.C.E. Project Director

Kinkid Mok 莫宇堅 – MICE Project Director

Writing an Essay

The best way to better humanity is to better yourself. Do you agree with this statement?

By Apisatha thawornviriyanan (Angie, Age 17) June 2015

I cannot change other people to be what I want them to be. It is very hard for me to expect people around me like or love me. Even though I want them to be that way, I understand that it is totally impossible. The only thing that I can do is to better myself, at least, it is better than nothing.

When I was young, I was quite selfish and ignorant. I did not care about other friends at all, as I knew that they would not hate me or leave me. Sometimes, I lied to them on almost everything to make them believe in me and stay with me. Moreover, I only thought that instead of changing myself it was easier to change my friends to be by my side. When the time had passed by, we were grown up. Consequently, their minds and their thinking changed. I rarely had friends to play with and talk to. I had no friends at all.

However, I had much more time to be alone. I noticed that my old friends did not want to talk or even sit next to me. I still carried on with my life without having any friends, until I realized that if I changed myself to be better in my manners, habits, actions, and my behavior, my friends might definitely came back to me. I then tried to change myself by caring for others’ feelings, helping them in everything that I could do, truly smiling, and being a positive thinker. It worked. My friends came back and I had even more new friends.

Additionally, I found that it is not difficult to change myself to be a better person. Instead, changing can give one a lot of benefits and good things to his/her life. I now have so many friends and so many smiles around me. I am really satisfied with this result. I can know how good it is when I notice that people around me are happy when they are with me, and how wonderful it is when I know that they love me. I learnt that life must have a perception that can bring a better life.

In conclusion, I do agree that the best way to better humanity is to better myself, as I have learned a lot of things in the past. Therefore, I can honestly say that what I give is what I get. I gave my friends sincerity and I got their love. I think that this mistake is worth for me.

Writing a short Article

How not to care what people think EmojiEmojiEmoji

By Kalyada Leosrisook – Age 17 (6th May ‘2015)

Does the fear of what other people think bother you? Has it ever made you go back home sitting in the corner of the house thinking about it for hours? It’s obvious that we can’t control what other will think toward another. It’s impossible to stop thinking! Have you ever tried not thinking anything? Hard isn’t it? Even right now you’re thinking ‘What am I reading? ‘ 

Is there a way to stop caring? Yes, there is. The way is to just ignore what they think. This might be hard to many of us, especially when people lack self-confidence. Talking about lack of confidence, there might be another way. If you’re not so confident of yourself and scared of what people will think about your clothes, hair, or looks, etc. Then you can just build up your confidence. For example, if you’re overweight, you might lose your confidence on appearance.  You just have to exercise, make your body healthy and then there is nothing to worry about. If you’re too lazy to do that, then try the first way, by ignoring it.

Just remember life is too short to think about things that don’t matter and hurting your self-confidence.

Short story – Creative Writing Exercise

By Anika Ratnabhas, Grade 8, NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand

Henry, the Mouse (31st July, 2014)

Hello, my name is Henry, and I’m one of those mice which live alone because I lost my family during the winter storm last year. I usually still manage to find myself a meal or two per day. It’s easy for me because I’m not a very picky eater. I love all types of food from meats to cakes and candies. However, my most favorite food is definitely cookies.

As the sun had set, my tummy started to growl so I decided to take a walk down food lane. Luckily, I came across a house with chocolate chip cookies on the front window. I knew it was freshly made! I could smell the melted chocolate chips. I started thinking about eating that delicious cookie. A really loud meow interrupted me then I looked over and saw a cat glaring at me. Suddenly, my tummy took control of me and I ran towards the cookie, from the hole in the front door. Five minutes later, I reached the rack of cookies and the only hurdle stopping me was the cat. The cat was looking around for me. Luckily, he didn’t see me. I bit his tail and threw a ball of yarn in front of him. He got carried away playing with the yarn and I quickly ran towards the cookie and got myself the biggest one and hurried out of the door.

The cookie was huge. It was larger than my body. I had to drag it home. By the time I reached home I was out of breath. I walked straight to the dining table and ate the whole cookie on my own, enjoying each bite until I was too full and fell asleep.

IGCSE – First Language/A level Example:

First Language English


By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student ( April 2013), Thailand

There was a tunnel lay open before them; there was only one way they could go now. Sue, the eldest sister led the way with courage and bravery. Her two sisters followed her closely. It was a pin drop silence, so silent that each could hear each other’s heart pounding.

‘There! There is light!’ shouted out Cee, the youngest sister. It was good news for a little girl’s thought but what Sue and Sam thought was totally different. Was someone there or was someone there before them since it was a candle light. The three sisters tip-toed through the slippery tunnel seeing the dim light as there was nothing else to focus on. They carefully walked to the candle but what surprised them was that the candle was still full, like it had just been lit.

All they cared for was heading home. Sue grabbed the candle and continued walking along the tunnel. Along the tunnel, they could see paintings and artworks of ancient people along the wall. The tunnel stretched like it was never going to end. There was no food, no water and no network. After a long walk, they all lost hope and thought that it was probably their fault to run out of their house and run away from their parents who were constantly on fight all the time.

Despite the hunger, the gloomy tunnel, they never gave up and continued walking hoping that there will be a destination waiting for them. The light was going to faint out anytime because the candle nearly finished. Sue blamed herself for having brought her sisters to face danger. The three sisters cried and held each other. The picture which was never seen before had given them strength to carry on and that they will go through this bad luck soon.

Till then no one could see an end to the tunnel, the deeper they went, the more dangerous it got. It was no point turning back because it was the world of the wild hunting for prey. While walking, they found two ways which they must choose. One way was dark like how it was and the other way was like a path to a town. There was trace of sunlight. All three of them, from their sleeping mode, had turned to each other, held each other’s hands and ran towards the light.

When running to the sunlight with tears of happiness, rocks started dropping in front of them blocking their way. They ran back to the black side of the tunnel and the tears turned to misery again. The exit was blocked. Why were there so many misfortunes? They continued their path along the pitch dark tunnel thinking if what happened to them was their own misfortunes or was there someone trying to play a game with them. It seemed like everything had been set from the beginning. There was nothing to blame and nothing to do. The only thing they could do was to continue their path along the dark tunnel. Without even knowing what else will be there waiting for them. The candle died out and goosebumps began with the scream of an anonymous somewhere inside the tunnel, but not far.

Who could it be? Anything worse to expect!

Human Error

By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student ( April 2013), Thailand

We see accidents and disasters occurring very often but nothing is more surprising than knowing that we, human beings are actually the main cause of the problems.

These days, nearly everything we see is man-made. Cars, computers, video games, airplanes are all inventions of human beings. The inventions were made to make life easier and reduce effort but then we misuse them. For example, all the road accidents nowadays occur because of our own carelessness and selfishness. If people are not too selfish and careless, accidents causing injuries and deaths will never have even occurred. If one drives cautiously, no such terrifying accidents will follow.

Disasters have been occurring since the world had started but noticing, nowadays, there are more disasters than there ever was. It is all because of global warming and the increase in of greenhouse gases. Pollution is the major reason which is again produced by cars, factories, again human-made. With the exponential increasing of human population, the demand for food increases too. From researches, twenty percent of the methane gas (a greenhouse gas) comes from the flatus of livestock which is a lot. The increasing of the ozone hole had also increased because of us. In spite of knowing what all this leads to, people are still least bothered.

Hence, machines had become more reliable than human beings. Human beings are the complex minded   people who only care for themselves. Humans are the major cause of all sorts of dangers. At the end, we will all be affected from this little reason, Human Error.

The Box

By Pangnaphap hat Rukspollmu ang (Tina) Feb 2013, Thailand

One morning when you wake up and you may wish you were the person you were not  you wish you were like someone else, but all you do is wake up feeling the same every morning. Though today it was different, today I suddenly felt like having a glass of coffee outside. Despite this weird act of mine suddenly wanting to have the beverage I hate most, when I got back home there was this weird box placed in front of my door.

As I opened the box, inside it was a glass with the tag ‘Pour coffee here.’ So, I did pour in the coffee. To my surprise came a mystic genie. Wow! How dizzy or insane does someone need to be in order to see illusions such as this? However, my eyes were not betrayed by illusion. There was really this genie who could have been lost and ended up in this box locked up in front of my door. I could not believe this! I also did not believe my eyes until this genie started talking to me. He granted me three wishes. Wow! Is this some kind of dream or a Disney movie? I thought.

Even though I did not believe I still told him my wishes. I told him with apprehension, ‘I wanted to be rich.’ Suddenly money went pouring in front of me. Despite the wonderful feeling of seeing this much money in my house I came to the thought that what I am going to use all this money for. I did not need so much money for my life. Moreover, I’m not the person who likes to use other people’s money, so I then told the genie, ‘I want to be famous.’

Consequently, random people started ringing my door bell, asking for my autograph taking many photos. It seemed like paparazzi everywhere. I was not used to this; I mean I used to have this normal life of going everywhere simply.  I realized I did not like this. It really came to the truth that those things that are one’s dreams, sometimes, it’s better to keep it as a dream because reality is not really like that. Finally, my last wish was, ‘I ask for is a normal life, a life where I would build up everything by myself.’ In this way I could be truly happy, I wondered. The box made me realize and recognize various aspects to life as a teenager.

Short Formal Dialogue

Teacher: Hello! It had been a long time since I met you last.
Me: Hi! It’s so nice to see you. How are you doing?
Teacher: I am doing great. What about you? I have not heard about you at all. How are your studies going?
Me: I am always fine. No worries. Sorry for not contacting you at all. I was not free at all. Busy with my university work. My studies are Ok. By the way are you still teaching at the same school?
Teacher: Yes, the university work is a lot and I am still teaching at the same school.
Me: Wow! That is great. The school should be prospering well then having such a good teacher in school.
Teacher: (Laughs) Thanks a lot for the compliment.
Me: You are always welcome.
Teacher: Do you have to run somewhere else after this?
Me: Yes, I am already late for my tuition now. Sorry… I have to rush to class now! Bye teacher! Hope to see you next time.
Teacher: Bye!
By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student (2013)

Short Informal Dialogue

Teacher: Hi! What a co-incidence! Long time no see! How have you been doing and how are you coping with your first Year University?
Me: Hi teacher! It’s so nice to see you too! I am doing fine. My first year university is going fine   too. When I went there first, it was quite a shock though. New friends, unknown people, new lifestyle and new society! I felt like it was like going back to grade one anyway, how are you? Are you still teaching at the same school?
Teacher: Well, I really understand the shock you got because I can very well remember myself in first Year University. I am doing great and yes I am still teaching at the same school. Oh! So you have come for a holiday right? How long will you be staying here?
Me: I will be staying here for another three days and I will be leaving again. Are u still using the same email-id? If you are using a new one please give me the id because I want to keep in touch.
Teacher: Yes, I still the use the same email. Ok… are you still in touch with your old friends I just bumped into them the day before.
Me: Yes, I do talk to them but not often. I have a lot of university work to do so I did not have time to get in touch at all but we are meeting up tomorrow and I am so excited to meet them.
Teacher: You should stay in touch with them. They really miss you that is what they told me.
Me: oh! Never knew that…. Teacher, do you want to grab some lunch? It’s already noon.
Teacher : I am so sorry, I have to go for some work after this may be if you could leave your phone number with me so that I can call you for lunch at my place before you leave again.
Me: Sure, 08XXXXXXXX Ok!! Since you have to go catch up with your work then I have to go now. Bye! See you soon!
Teacher: I will call you. Bye!
By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student (2013)

Report Writing and Summary sample

The train crash accident in the afternoon was tragic. There were sixty nine deaths and a hundred injured. This accident woke all the villager’s attention and scared them off. The train had crashed in the morning around 9 o’clock.
Luckily the villagers nearby had called the police station but since the accident occurred in the outskirts of the city, the communication was not smooth. Therefore, it took a while for us to get to the place where the accident took place. We were ready with our ambulance and the fire service. The first sight was a collapsed train out of its tracks. There were two other damaged trains also but nothing to worry about. We set our team into three different groups. The first action we took was to rescue all the people on the three. It was recorded that there were sixty nine deaths and hundred injured.
Secondly, our fire service worked on cooling down the heated engines of the trains. The ambulance hurried in sending all the injured ones to the hospital. Everything was synchronized, nothing went wrong. The only problem then was to find out the cause of the accident. The accident took place near the railway junctions. We had checked if the problem was with the trains’ system but it turned out not to be the cause.
Thirdly, we asked the villagers for any witness but surprisingly none of them were in the scene. After that we went to see if the trains’ drivers were alert and sober while driving the train. Two of the train drivers who survived had said that they were very sure that they were sober, aware and alert but it was the other train which went off the track. Unfortunately, the other train driver was found dead but the interesting part was that he did not die because of the collapsing of the train; he died because of being shot. We then checked all the passengers’ name list and there was Mr. Anderson, the big business man, who had recently been having problems with his colleague. Now, Mr. Anderson is severely injured and had admitted at the hospital.
Lastly, we are now closely going after Mr. Anderson’s history because we are certainly sure that it was why the train had crashed. We will hurry and end this case as soon as possible. Thank you.
By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student ( Feb 2013)
Movie Review – Choice
By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student ( April 2013)Watching a movie is one of the biggest entertainments in the world but does it give only entertainment? This movie, ’Choice’ will both entertain and give some good points of life to the audience.‘Choice,’ first movie of the new entertainment company ‘SayCash,’ will bring both laughter and tears in all the theaters  The movie stares at two characters, ‘Tai’ played by Bank and ‘Arh’ played by Way who also had directed the movie. It’s the first movie bringing two different singers, how the two create the phenomenon of the theaters and take control over the audience. The setting is in a mini mart grocery named ‘Choice.’ The whole movie tells the story of a night when both of the grocery workers lives’ changes forever.The movie is recommended for everyone especially the ones who are highly aiming for their dreams to become true. Everyone has dreams. Everyone thinks of making their dreams come true but very few actually begin doing it. This movie will encourage you to follow your dream and make it come true. Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible if you just begin doing from this minute onward.This movie has no sex discrimination or even racism; therefore, it is not age restricted. This movie may not be twisted, thrilling or exciting but it will please anyone in the cinema. The main focus of the movie is to make dreams come true. It is sure to be boring if it is too serious so a lot of comedy is added to make the movie more interesting and easy to watch. Even though it’s the company’s first movie, it will satisfy everyone watching it. The movie teaches many lessons of life and the true color of the world. The world is grey in color  it is neither totally white nor totally black. The movie summarizes that nothing is too far out of reach. Do your best and someday, sooner or later, your goal will be achieved.Anyone who needs an inspiration should definitely go for the movie since it is a movie with teachings which teenagers need to learn. Nowadays people decide to be lazy and stop making their dreams come true. This movie reflects everyone’s real life situation. It had been released a week ago and will not be out soon. It is really a movie worth watching, ‘Choice.’ ‘Dreams will come true, only if you make it come true.’


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